YZ426F vs. 250-2stroke

I had a 46 Knucklehead and 66 shovel, too, but wouldn't want to ride either on the track. I think the xr650 is a little heavier than the knuck and all three are easier to start than a 426:D :thumbsup:

Don't buy that hard to start thing about the 426. I rode one for 3 years and it never gave me any trouble starting. I am convinced that came from people who never learned how to start it properly.

Yeah don't believe the hard to start thing. I can start my yz400f almost as fast normally as my friend can start his electric start wr250f on a really cold day. You'll suck at starting it at first but you'll get the hang of it quick

Ok this is prolly old now but it may help others with there choice!

The 2 stroke yz250 is an excellent bike that is reasonably easy to look after. The yz 426 is a much more powerfull bike but with that comes the extra bit of maintenance required.

Firstly the 2 stroke you just need to keep your mix the same, change your oil and do a piston and ring kit occasionally! (depending on how much you ride) the yz 250 is very light and a good allround bike! (very easy to start)

YZ 426's Well forget the crap! These babies are hard to start! Require oil changes all the time and require a fair bit of hanging on to when ridden! The issue with starting can be cured tho! They flood easy so keep away from the throttle. Follow the start procedure exactly (nothing like a mate to flood your bike for ya while its on the stand)

"Gearboxes" yz 426's have issues with shift forks being bent which results in an expensive bill! If you can repair this yourself not so bad!

Power wise the yz250 with a paddle only then starts to feel like a 426 in the sand!

426 will put an instant smile on your face when you ride it! Even more so when it starts regularly!

Best mod for one is to replace the exhaust cam with an 03 auto decompression one! Smooths out the hit by increasing bottom and top power!

I've owned both bikes and had a look inside both internals!

Easiest to fix - YZ250... Easiest to maintain - YZ250... Lightest - YZ250... If broken cheapest to fix YZ 250... Easiest to ride in a straight line YZ426... Biggest jumper YZ426... Biggest smile factor YZ426...Scariest YZ426...

Hell its up to you but once you have had a four stroke its hard to go back!:thumbsup:

I have an 01 YZ426 and love it, thing has tons of low end grunt and she is only down about 2HP from a new 450

and its not too heavy your just too weak thats what I say

but the YZ250 is a great bike also from what I read and if you want to do harescrambles it may be a good choice I know the pinger is still very big with the GNCC guys and the YZ250 is one of the best out

I think either way you go will be good

the way I looked at it tho is I do mostly trail riding and with my 426 I dont have to carry oil when I ride to fill up, just pull up and top her off and go

I have to agree on all accounts with OringGroove, he's got it right on.

Just a food for thought, I live in northern Cali too. When I was looking for a dirt bike, I looked immediately at 4 stroke, because they are more likely to be green stickered. I've looked at craigslist and do see many 2t get green sticker, but a lot of are red stickered or none at all. For those outside Cali - green sticker vs red sticker is when you can ride your bike. Red sticker have limited months in the year to ride. Don't be get the wrong idea about Cali, it's a nice place to live because we get so much good weather to ride and lots of places to ride too.

Also if you ride on Forest Service and BLM land, they do require spark arrestor. Luckily I was able to recently find a 426 with a 09 green sticker and FS approved spark arrestor exhaust for a damn good price.

Good luck in your search. I figured either way, you'll sure to have fun.

As for the starting the 426, since I recently just got mine so still trying to get the hang of it.

Spend $150 for the auto decom exhaust cam and the 426 starts easy as pie.


I bought 01 426 three weeks ago, I had 4 smokers before. I'll never chenge thumper into smoker. I'm new in thumpers and never had problem with 426 starting.

whats the bk mod???

I have both,the 4 stroke is hands down the most versatile woods bike IMO.I don,t notice the weight difference when having a BLAST!!!!

Will the BK mod work for a 04 YZ450 ???

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