650l wont go over 45mph

I did daves mods went with 58/165 jets. ran fine at first then yesterday i was riding home and it lost power and wouldnt do more than 45. i havnt had the time to check anything yet but would like some ideas of what couldve happend. thanks for any advice.

Perhaps something was not tightened enough and got loose or fell out. I had my main jet unscrew itself once and my bike would idle, but not do much more than that.

yeah i would say take the carb off and check the jets first too. I just finished my carb mods last night really didnt notice alot went to 58/162 but i have a 165 also so well see what the plug looks like when i get a chance to do a full pull on it. Only ran around the house for like 2 or 3 miles too so well see.

so i finally got around to pulling the carb off and the rubber piece that goes around the slide is tore on both sides where it gets lifted up. does anyone have a part names,numbers,and a web site to get them from. any help or ideas apreciated thanks in advance.

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