Warning On Hammerhead Products!!!!

Why did Deatron3000 get banned for speaking his mind about what happened with his case saver?? Did we ban freedom of speech on ThumperTalk??? Tell me how fair is that???

Deatron3000 wound up getting banned by the community for lying to the members. It's difficult to accept his explanation of case damage when his prior posts were BS. Just do a quick search on his posts.

Freedom of speech isn't banned on TT unless it's malicious or causes harm. I'm hard pressed to disagree with the collective action taken by our members. The ban may be reversed by the powers to be but somehow I doubt it in this case.

I totally fail to understand why anybody would think that a case saver absolutely prevents case damage. Of course the goal is to prevent any possibility of damage but of course that isn't possible. If an inexpensive case saver reduces the likelihood of case damage by even 25% it is well worth the money. Ranting that the case saver manufacturer destroyed your case is absolutely ridiculous. Does everybody around here suffer from the "it's somebody else's fault" mentality?

Things happen. Our sport is staggeringly hard on equipment which translates into a lot of dollars. Complain to the bike manufacturers that design engines that need something like a case saver to reduce damage.

If this is unacceptable find something else to do.

johns a stand up guy i ordered a shifter from him bout a year ago and it was delivered the very next day. product was an A+

I'm kinda scared to post in here because three people were banned but it sounds like you have good products. I will definately look into your catalog.:thumbsup:

I'm kinda scared to post in here because three people were banned but it sounds like you have good products. I will definately look into your catalog.:thumbsup:


It's the same guy - Angelo Piano. He keeps logging on with new names...

HH, click the report.gif icon next to any post, if you suspect someone is up to no good. This reports the post to all moderators and site admin. for review. We do our best to keep up, but we can't read every post.

People get banned for getting caught in lies or conducting spear campaigns, using TT as their personal weapon. We don't allow that to happen. What we do allow is, "I'm have a problem with XYZ. The problem is XYZ. Has anyone else experienced this? Suggestions on how to handle it?". That's entirely appropriate.

We also let manufacturers address posted customer problems, so the customer gets a resolution and so that the mfg. doesn't take the rap for any misinformation.

I would just like to say I use the Hammer Head products on my son's Crf150R. I have had no problems with them. I ordered and two day's later the stuff arrived in the mail. I would recomend any of their products that I have used and the service was great. Keep up the good work and thank you.

I recently bought and installed a Hammerhead Case Saver on my KX250F and am very happy with it. It is nicely made and looks like it is designed very well. The green anodizing on it looks great.

It is a nice product and I would definitely recommend one to anybody who is looking for a good case saver.

i was thinking about buying one of those hammerhead brake pedals. alot of my friends are raving about how awesome they improve the breaking on the rear break

I'm kinda scared to post in here because three people were banned

Don't feel that way. TT is a community of people with a common interest. If you have something to add to the discussion then by all means do. The only people that usually get in trouble are people that deserve it.

Don't let anybody intimidate you from standing your ground if you know you're right. :thumbsup: All of us can learn from others.


Once I started reading the posts here, I found it hard to stop. I must admit that I have never ordered a Hammerhead product, but have been quite impressed with the timely and detailed response to this post along with other member feedback. Heck, I'm impressed that the company actively pays attention to all of us here on TT. That being said, I personally have no hesitation with ordering from their organization and giving their products a shot.

I am also impressed with the community action against a post believed to be fraudulant or simply and utterly ridiculous. It make TT a better place for all. :thumbsup:

I was impressed with Hammerhead when I ordered my shift tip from them. I ended up spending about 1/3 of what I intended to. They actually talked me into a less expensive option than I wanted to buy.

The replacement tip is cool. It allows a much finer adjustment (up and down) than the stock lever. This would be reason enough to get one...even if you liked the length of the stock tip.

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