I GOT ME ONE TODAY....Another One Bites The Dust!

Took My good Buddy "Robert Herrington" and his DRZ to the Dallas Ga Powerlines today. Robert learned the hard way that Blue don't like those wanna-be YELLOW bikes too close to his Rooster.

Poor Robert got caught in the wake and was litterally put to sleep (Knocked Out) (For atleast 5 minutes) when a rock of good size was thrown at his DRZ and he defended his property with his face. Robert says that the only thing he remembers is seeing the meteor heading in his direction, everything going black, then waking up on the ground beside his old mare minutes later.....

By the time I realized he was no longer with me and got turned around and back to where he had crashed, I found him wandering in a WR induced stuper and his DRZ in the fetal position.

It took a long time to coax his DRZ back to life, and Robert will be ok, except for the Destroyed Scott Rolloff Goggles and a big red knot on his nose.....

I think he will in the future respect the 50ft Roost Zone.....

Robert today was a good ride dude.....

Bonzai :)

When are these DRZ guys gonna learn??? :):D:D

Good Shot!...Nothing like a good clean kill!! :)


I heard that when "old mares" go down, it's sometimes best to just shoot them in order to put them out of their misery.

Just a thought.

nice shot!!stay out the way of the power!!keep rippin!! :)

Originally posted by SoCalWR426:

Good Shot!...Nothing like a good clean kill!! :)


LMAO...Nothing like a big blue 4-stroke and a good tire.

Hay Yamakaze,

sorry things didn't work out for me as I was realy looking forward to getting out there with you and Robert, but such is the story of my life. So how is Robert doing today? that was a nasty bump he had on his beek. So are you putting little skull and crossbones on old blue for each one you knock out :) I seem to recall a ride where old blue caught one in the headlight when she still had one, I think that was off that old KTM 2 smoke that ya'll are making fun of :D

Hope to ride this weekend if all my parts get here, let me know where it is


Man "Yogi" I hope you do not get behind me real soon, I got new Michelins going on.....just kidding. I hope Robert is ok...& you did not look intentionally at that pile of rocks to "pop" the clutch out with your new YZ timed WR...How do you like it? FYI: there is not much room left in your signature for your mods......there is a 150 letter minimum......keep Roosten Dude! :D:):D

Whoa! Where am I? Somebody wake me from this WR induced stupor. :):D:D

The YZ timing is awesome....It now has a mid-Range snap that I did't think was possible. Between about 1/2 to Full Throttle almost yanked my arms out of the socket's until I got used to it. I did have a little problem with it getting lean for some reason. Airbox lid off - I get poping and a little backfire, 2 to 3 turns out is the same idle-to 1/4 throttle. Airbox lid installed at 1 1/2 turns everything is ok. think I'm going to go up 1 on the pilot.

Bonzai :)

got a kill last time i went riding, too. i went with one of my buddies with a quad (retard)... and he kept roosting me the whole day (it was really muddy, and that stupid blaster flings mud like you wouldn't believe).... anyways, he gots muddier than i did.. his dinky front fenders don less to stop the roost on himself than they are cosmetic, but back to the kill...

i gots into a huge mud puddle in front of him and grabbed the front brake and pinned it. should have blasted him, right?

i missed :D

my tire shot a 50 foot roost of water directly off the abck tire, but he was just diagonal enuff to miss getting hit.

well, to make a long story short, he was cautious the rest of the day till the final mud puddle we went thru... i had given up by this point, and didn't even think of getting him... i just wheelied into the puddle, and realized he wasn't behind me anymore. i stopped and waited for him... here, the extra burst from punching the throttle sent a "ball" of water straight into his face (right in his helmet, bullseye!)

he was pissed. i got revenge.

roost on! :D:)

ha ha! Thats funny. You funny man. "roost zone".. Thats good. You and Seinfeld would get along well. From now on we should call you..

"RoostKing... the NEW BACK TIRE King!! :D ..

Lots of "roost" for everyone when/if you can get ol' Blue started :) .

[ February 19, 2002: Message edited by: ballistic ]

Thats Right! Kneel at the Feet of the King....You little Yellow DRZ Dog! :D

Guards....Escourt the Swine from the Royal Blue Throne Room, and back to the Swill Pit. :D

Whats this? Droppings? Hey Robert...Clean up this DRZ doo doo, he left behind....

I swear some peoples children...Just can't let them run free on the internet Ya Know!

Bonzai :)

That is great!

I'm going to have a sticker made for my rear fender.

Roost Zone

Stay Back

50 Feet


Hey Ben!

GREAT IDEA! if you make those stickers, get a couple extra and I'll buy-em from you. Shape of a caution sign in caution yellow/black lettering. Just a thought.. Let me know..


I've got the sticker done. I didn't see your post until after I completed it though SoCal.

Basically though, I used the same idea. It is a Danger sign, like the OSHA standard style (Picture a Danger High Voltage sign). It says Danger in white letter inside a red oval backround on a black rectangle back drop. Then the bottom half is white with black lettering that says 50 ft. Roost Zone.

I'll try to scan it and load it up so everyone can see what I'm talking about.

I can't really offer these for sell, but you can just print it and take it to a local sign shop and have them run off a few for you....

I'll post the URL tomorrow.

Yamakaze, check you Private Messages.


[ February 25, 2002: Message edited by: armourbl ]

It happened to me this year as well. Not as bad but left a small lump on me forehead and cracked my visor. I try not to follow so close, but it happens. Sounds like your buddy on the Z was looking pass. You better get on it a little more :)

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