tore up the countershaft xr6r

well i thought i missed a gear when i was getting on it but nope, stripped the splines right off the countershaft.:thumbsup: I recently went to a 628, cam etc. i wonder if that is more than the c.s. can handle. It is an 86 so it might just be age. Anyways it looks like i will really be tearing the engine apart this time. Has anyone done this repair? tips, or any advice? On the upside i will get a good look at how all the other work i have done is holding up. Honda has the shaft for around $90.00, if they even have them. The stupid tow cost more than that.

It is a time thing. I had older XL's and both of them were almost worn through when the engines fried. In another year or two, I will be in the same boat as you on my 93 as it is starting to show a lot of wear. One of my friends had a 650L and had to replace it twice. We figure cheap aftermarket sprockets did it. They were narrower than the Honda ones. I haven't seen any like it in ten years though.

Even though you know that you need a new shaft, I would wait until you open her up before ordering. You may find that other parts need replacing as well. When you have it apart examine the gears. On the early bikes third gear had a habit of needing to be replaced. I replaced second and third on my 93 due to pitting on the gear faces.

The shaft should still be available from Honda and if you found it for $90 that is a good price. There is a guy on ebay selling aftermarket countershafts. Don't get one of those. The machining is poor and there is no oil plug in the end.

If this is one of the 6-spline (or was it 5) shafts, this is why they upped the number of splines.


I kind of thought the age might have something to do w/ the prob. and i will get a oem shaft for sure, also i will look for a shaft w/ more splines- great info. i would not have thought of that:thumbsup:

I'm pretty sure that the later model years countershafts with the large number of splines are compatible. I can't say it with 100% for sure though.

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