Hot frontwheel hubs

I recently bought Motard wheel for my WR450 06`, second hand, and i get very high temperature on the front hub.

It doesnt seem like anything is stuck, and the wheel rolls fine, but when i drive it gets VERY hot, i burn my fingers touching it.

Any suggestions, or is it just to change the bearings?

I also wondered if there is any forkprotector to be bought that fits so the wheel doesnt touch them, no i have 110/70 - 17, and the wheel barely touches it.

I am a newbie just to mention it...:thumbsup:

Tested again, and it seems like it rolls hard(pardon my english), and when i losen the bolts it rolls easier, but i havent tightened it that hard at all.

I would start by making sure I got plenty of lube in the bearings. Then follow exact torque specifications. If its still hot you may have a bad bearing.

Sounds like a bearing to me, If its getting hot enough to burn your fingers I would be replacing the bearings.

I`ll go for changing the bearings, ill start there, it wasnt too much lubrication on the bearings when i got the rims, but i smeared plenty on them. But maybe too little, too late.

Changed the bearings, that didnt help...

The tighter i turn the bolts, the harder the wheel turns.

Was there a spacer between the bearings when you changed them???? If the spacer is missing then you will be putting too much side load on the ball bearings, which makes them hot and hard to turn, and also bending the fork tubes slightly. Make sure the spacer is long enough if it is there. :thumbsup: WR Dave.

The spacer is there, but im not sure exactly how long it is supposed to be, because there is not many dealers in Norway that knows ANYTHING about this.

Its a Talon Hub btw, and Excel rims.

The tire rolls easy until i start tighten the bolt, so it may be the spacer as you mention.

If the bearings are bottomed out in the hub and the spacer is still a bit loose then you will need to measure the distance between the inner bearing races and either make up a new spacer or try to shim the one you have. Was the bearing seating area clean when you put in the new brg's?? I'm just trying to help solve the problem with several options , no disrespect intended. WR Dave.

Problem solved!!

It was that speedometer "thingy" attached to the wheel that caused the problem.

There was a 2mm differene from the original hub and the Talon on the motard rim, so the rubber bottomed on the rim, so i grinded off 2 mm and problem was solved. :thumbsup:

Not sure why it was so but...

Thanx for replies.:thumbsup:

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