Sprocket Color, What do you think?

I have been thinking about getting a blue Renthal sprocket, and a gold chain. How do you think it will look? Also, any suggestions on what chain to get?


I have the blue Renthal sprocket with the Renthal R1 gold chain on my 426f...looks awesome!

Don't bother with renthal aluminum sprockets. They don't last long at all and it is a total waste of money. Get a JT or Sunstar steel sprocket, they last way longer and the added weight is not even noticable.

Tag and AFAM last two or three times as long as Renthals, and they weigh less.


Gold chain/Blue sprocket

here's my 426f


And my 450F


I think that you should get a black sprocket w/ a gold chain. Pretty sick!

+1 for the black sprocket and gold chain.

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