05 WR450 suspension work - do it myself?

I am going to order racetech springs and maybee the gold valve for the front fork and just a heavier spring for the rear. Is this a do it yourself deal? I have done street bike forks before (non inverted). Are the special tools needed? If I remember right if you have an air gun it is easy to take out the dampeneing rod bolt, but what about the rest??? Should I replace the seals even though they arent leaking?? How do I find out how much oil and what weight/height? Thanks in advance. Dave

Personally I wouldn't put valves in myself........too many tools needed and it get kinda involved. Changing springs, seals and oil is the extent of what I will do on these shocks.......just my opinion.

Suspension is a real thorn for me.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I can tear apart any of my bikes without a problem at all, but when it comes to suspension I have allot of trouble. I ordered the same kit and had to bring it in to aftershocks suspension to have it re-valved properly. The springs are the easy part, valving drives me :busted:

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