May have done something stupid.

I just bought a 2000 WR 400 from an acquaintance and ASUMED that the bike had recieved proper maintenance.

After a more thorough inspection I have a feeling that the oil may never have been changed and that general maintenance items have not been performed.

I believe that the bike has about 180-200 miles on it. Can anyone tell me how bad off I am? Or maybe how to check for excessive engine wear?

With only a couple hundred miles you are fine. Just service it up and ride it.

Unless they ran it with no oil, coolant, air filter or something like that, if it has only 200 miles on it it should be just fine. Just go ride it.

How could a bike with only 200 miles on it indicate it hadn't received regular maintenance. How regular could it have been if it had only been ridden 200 miles? The Jiffy Lube sticker on the windshield?? :) There's not a heck of a lot of general maintenance required in the first 200 miles. (Maybe change the oil once.) Is the oil full of metal bits? That's normal for a new bike. Change the oil and go riding.

You maight be noticing the apalling lack of grease in the steering head bearings or in the wheel bearings, etc. Well, that's not due to neglect, they come like that! Lube everything up if that's the case and go riding. If it sat unused and for example, the head tube bearings rusted, then replace 'em and go riding.

Notice a pattern developing?

Welcome to Yamaha! Change the oil and replace the filter. It more than likely will have quite a bit of metal in the filter. These bikes are very dependable. As long as it didn't go low on oil it should be fine. I would ride one time and change the oil again to catch any stray debris. I bought a used 99 WR also. The person said they had YZ timed it and cut the throttle stop. I shoud've checked all of this before I rode it. Long story short, The cam spun in the head and the throttle plate cracked due to the modification. Performed all the work myself and it only cost me 125.00 to get the bike running again. This bike rips!! Make sure you research the jetting tips. I just rejetted the main, what a difference. Still hard to start when cold. After it warms up, it's easier to start than a 2 stroke.

Rejet this bike and have the best bike you've ever owned.


Why do you feel the oil has never been changed.

If you see metallic residue in the oil and the bike has only 200 miles on it that would be normal. My bike has a little over 300 miles, I've changed the oil every 100, my most recent change was still kind of metally. Look at the condition of the chain.Has it been kept lubricated? How far back have the chain adjusters been adjusted and what are the condition of the teeth on your rear sprocket? The stock chain is junk and will stretch and the teeth will twist towards the direction of the travel.

You should change your oil and filter, lube the cables, and adjust your chain.

If you are really concerned you could take it to a mechanic for a cylinder cranking pressure test. I have no idea what the pressure should be but I would bet it's very high because these bikes have high compression. You could post and ask the knowledgable members of this forum.

That would probably be the best way to find out if your motor is still within specifications.

Don't be spooked by dirty oil or a stretched chain, these bikes were designed to be ridden hard, and most owners follow the thought that they ride better when pushed harder. I know mine doesn't like to putt around and be short shifted.

It craves RPM's and provides a good ride when ridden hard.

Relax and enjoy your new toy.

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Thanks for all of the input. I'm kind of a maintenance freak and always break in properly, change the oil, lube the chain, etc. Sounds like I can just relax, service the bike, and start having some serious fun.

I will attempt to check the jetting and hopefully get it to run a little better.

Thanks agian for the feedback.


What everybody has not mentioned is that it is normal for the 1st few hundred mi that these bikes churn out alot of metal flakes and moly assembly lube from the factory. If your not expecting this the 1st time you change your oil you will have a heart attack! I almost did and I was expecting it from weeks of reading on this site before I bought my bike. Also can't push the point hard enough, get a magnetic drain plug. Once you have the maint issue to where you are happy. Ride like you stole It!

Husky, I noticed that you mentioned you did all your free mods...Not! you forgot YZ timing! Your bike will rip then :)


when you do your first oil change, DO NOT forget about the (pre-filter) screen in the main frame downtube, and the main frame drain plug.

Being a 2 stroke guy, I DID forget the main frame drain plug!

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NH Kevin,

Did you find anything in you frame screen? I have had mine out twice now, on my first and fourth or fifth oil change. Both times the screen was absolutely immaculate. Not a speck of anything on the screen.

Also, does everybody think the stock chain is junk? I have over a year on my stock chain and sprockets and they are still like new! I am 235 lbs and live out west in big hill country, so I don't think I am that easy on the bike. The bike also has several Hare Scramlbes and MX races on it. I have only had to adjust it one time, and it was a very minor adjustment. Thorough WD-40 flushing after post ride wash, then lube it up with PJ1. I wish the thing would show some wear, I would like to go up a tooth or two on the rear.

Just the YZ chains are junk. My '00 WR came with a DID X-Ring, great chain!


You mean one DOWN on the front or two UP on the rear?

I went down one tooth on the front and removed two links from my chain. With the axle all the way forward, I have more than enough slop to keep from grenading my rear hub. :)

I think going down a tooth on the front would be too much out here in the West. I rarely ever use first gear for anything other than descending, what I really want to do is tighten up the 2-3 shift a little. When the time comes I will replace both sprockets and chain as a unit. I will probably go to a 51 rear, maybe a 52 if somebody can talk me into it. With a 52 I think I could climb the Washington Monument in 2nd gear :)

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