tusk clutch kit?

Garbage, get OEM.....................and remove the judder spring.......

I've heard oem is the only way to go. I guess I need to learn for myself. Just bought the clutch kit with heavier springs and will update once put into use. I don't know if the clutch will handle the 650 power. Time will tell!!

If you do use Tusk, then use a full OME fiber in place of the judder and a OME against the pressure plate. I had two extra thick plates (from my Rekluse Auto Clutch) that made up the little less thickness of the total Tusk clutch. I went back to all OME but, with the two OME the tusk did work.

I saw a vender at a GNCC race that only made baskets & pistons. Cant remember if it was weisco? They were machined out of billet, & looked great & supposed to be much tougher than OEM. But were real big $$$!

OOpps, just saw link, sorry about mentioning basket. I did just replace my 600r with factory friction plates only because I knew I did't slip & burn my clutch. & the(steel rings) did look fine when I got it apart. I did'nt check for warpage since I knew the friction plates were probably original & due. Also I never fan my clutch.

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