yz426 wiring diagram needed or help

my mate as a yz426f. he as got the charging unit on the engine . he as a yellow wire comming out which is the charging wire. can anyone tell me if there is a kit made for the yz426 and if so is there a link .

if not then as anyone wired the bike up . all he needs is the wiring diagram

from the yellow charging wire from the engine to the REGULATOR RECTIFIER

then to the battery

thanks for that but the standard yz426f are moto x bikes and the charging unit on the engine isnt the standadard one .it as a yellow wire comming out of it which is the charging wire.iv made it into a super moto bike for thew road as all the lights on it brake lights ect im going to put a battery on it and want to know the wiring from the yellow wire to the regulator rectifier then to the battery so it will charge when the engine is running .


Need more information than that. Who manufactured your new charging coil? Is it off of a WR? What year? Try finding a manual for the bike that you took it off of? Not trying to be a smart A$$ but your question is a little vague.


yeah sorry about that . but the info im not sure i could get . it was already on the bike before i got it . but all i can say is that i think it might be off a wr because the side casing looks the same as the standard one but the blue alloy in the middle is thicker.also im not sure if the yellow wire is a charging wire or a wire to power the lights.i thought that if it was a charging wire it would of had 3 wires 3 phase am i right in that ??

all i can say is that it as a yellow wire comming out of it and there is power. its got the lighting kit on it which was wired up to a battery but you would have to keep putting the battery on charge everytime you wanted to go out in the dark so all im wanting is some info for connecting up the yellow wire to the fuse REGULATOR RECTIFIER then to the battery .i know you can blow the

REGULATOR RECTIFIER if it doesnt have a load on it so you would need a battery am i right in that


You should be able to look through the wiring diagrams on the link that Gray posted for you and try to find one with a yellow wire coming off of the stator. Give it a shot and see if you find what you are looking for.

OK, I did some leg work for you. If you look at the wiring diagram for an 04 WR450, the yellow wire is actually the lighting wire and will not charge a battery on it's own. If you have a rectifier on the bike already and it happened to come off of a WR then the red wire will be the charge wire and that line should be fused. I hope this helps, good luck.


i found this . is this what your talking about so really i dont need to put a battery on it


I am a little lost, what are you trying to do with it? I thought you wanted to charge a battery with it? Are you just wanting to connect it somewhere because it is just hanging there? If you are not going to use it then simply fold it over and tape it up so that it doesn't contact anything then secure it out of the way somewhere.

if you read up some posts you will see that someone as said that you cannot charge a battery with that yellow wire . all i want to do is to run the bike and turn my lights on so they work when the engine is running.i thought the yellow wire could be set up to charge a battery but as someone said it cannot so forget the battery just want my lights to work when i start up the bike

It was I that said you can't charge the battery with the lighting wire. You are correct, you can run your lights right off of the yellow wire. It is a lighting circuit, if you want lights that are a constant brightness however you will need to run them off of a regulator. The yellow wire will run your lights but they will get brighter with higher RPM and dimmer with lower RPM. Sorry for the confusion. Hope this helps.


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