factory rich?

The 2000 canadian wr seems to be a little rich from factory, Anybody know anything about this? How can I fix this?

I don't think anyone from Canada has posted a jetting profile.

What are your symptoms? Are you fouling plugs?

Your bike came without being able to remove the baffle correct? Do you still have the stock pipe on?

Did you remove the snorkel and/or air box top?

Have you changed any jets or messed with the fuel screw?



sounds like you need to free up the exhaust and intake to get your bike running right. Unfortunately, from my understanding, you can't remove the baffle in Canada? Might have to get a new pipe.

Maybe Clark or someone can confirm, but yes, it sounds like your a little rich considering your running all stock.

Personally, I'd do some of the mods to free up 'air' rather than mess with the jetting. When the bike is jetted right and has no restrictions, it won't bog off idle, it will RIP!


They come rich.

Turbo bump.

Why are we bumping 8 yr old threads???

I doubt there's an 8 yr old WR that's still stock....

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