Need Help...spark plug recess question

Gray & Gang-

Really upset with myself. I was being hasty when I went to wash my bike the other day and got some water/dirt in the little drainage hole that funnels water away from the top of the cylinder/spark plug. I usually plug it with duct tape.

I obviously can't get down there to remove the debris(it's really not much,and I guess it'll have to stay there 'til I remove the cylinder in the future), but should I leave the spark plug out and cap off so the air will remove the moisture instead of sealing it all up, or should I carefully install my new plug and the heat from the next ride will evaporate the moisture right out the hole???

The bike has been running a bit rich, the top of the piston looks really dark. How much carbon build up on the piston should I be able to see through the spark access/ what is the normal range of color? Thanks

'05 YZ 450; 13 hours total

Just take compressed air and blow out the hole.......As far as carbon on the top of piston goes usually determines what type of fuel you have used, Ive noticed when I rebuilt the top end on my 250 2 stroke it had a lot of carbon on the top when I used pump gas of 93 octane and when I used 114 there were hardly any.... maybe just a little spot the size of a dime on top of the piston. Although I havent had my 06 450 apart yet but I assume it will be based the same way.

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