00 Wr jetting advice needed

Just picked up the WR-i have the same high idle/load to drop idle problem which it sounds like the pilot is too lean. I also want to do the airbox lid, thottle stop, and remove exh restrictor. I will leave the Wr timing alone.

Billion dollar question is what should my jetting be at around 600-2200 feet/over 60 degrees F)? I am thinking 48 or 50 pilot, around 175 main to start, clip on 3, then play with the pilot screw (maybe 2 turns). I want to try to get this right the first or second time (ok maybe third) time. Do you guys think the main jet would be too too rich?

When I yank the jets out I will post the stock jets, I haven't seen them in print yet.

Thanks for everyone's earlier advise on the idle problem. I'm glad I wasn't planning on jumping on and riding, it is barely rideable with high idle speed!

One more thing, the 00 thottle stop is a different length, what should the new measurements be for the pin. BTW, it was not too bad to remove, uses an Allen screw w/ loctite.

See 00 WR400 Jetting below.

If you want the exact length screw order part number 5JG-14591-00 (YZ426 throttle stop). This eliminates all guess work, grinding, and opinions on how long the throttle stop screw should be. And it comes with fresh thread locking compound already on the screw!


The other alternative, is to look down the throttle bore from the air cleaner side and grind away until the slide moves flush with the carburator bore.

This method will ensure correct length.

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