Cutting out the backfire screen on filter cage

Has anyone cut out the screen on their airfilter cage. Someone told me the bike would breath alot better if you did.>>>>And we all know "the better they breath the better they will run" All though someone did say the screen protects the filter from backfire and possibly a fire. But I have seen Twin air filter cages that you can buy for 06 450fs and they dont have a screen on them and they cost $100.00:eek: so why dont just cut out the stock screen and save your money and still have the same purpose.

Don't waste your time. The foam filter is more restrictive than the back-fire screen.

my crf 450 x filter was a little crispy when iwent to change it once i have decided that if not for the screen it could of been bad so ileave it alone plus it runs great anyways

the 03-05 yz 450 cage can be replaced by the same yr yz 250 smoker cage which has no screen for under $30 (which is worth it if you've ever tried to get all those little wires out) but you'll need to run a backfire resistant filter;like the one twinair uses in its kit. (replacements are available for around another $30) so you can save $40:thumbsup: i'm not sure if this is possible with the newer'll have to check part #'s.

It is possible with the later bikes, but it's still a complete waste of time and money.

It is possible with the later bikes, but it's still a complete waste of time and money.

I agree. After searching on here a reading a lot of posts, I have concluded that the filter itself is more restrictive than the screen. My $0.02.

I just stay with what ive got and not fool with it.

if anything i noticed a slight bottom end loss when i tried it,the screen also helps me sleep better at night; its screens for me:thumbsup:

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