New hubs?

I have to replace the wheels on my 02 WR426. What I'm wondering, is if I would be better off replacing the wheel/hub as a set, then having to pay for truing and all. I could lace the new wheels myself, but would like to know the advantage of replacing the hubs as well. Is this something worth doing, only if you break a hub, or is there a performance advantage as well?

I would think on a used bike you would be ahead money and time if you bought a used set of wheels from the bay or craigslist. I might be interested in a set of hubs. PM me if you decide to sell and good luck!

Ok, thanks. I just bought a new rim and spokes at the store here, and am just going to lace them myself, and pay a shop to true them. Couldn't find any good 18" wheels on ebay.

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