I am interested in taking off the airbox lid and snorkel, to increase air flow and power. Will this make the bike any harder to ride or more unmanagable on tight trails? I read leaving the baffle in place makes it a lot easier to ride on difficult trails, will removing the air box lid and snorkel have the same affect as removing the baffle? How much power will I gain from the above modifications? (I can't remove the baffle, canadian model) Will it cause any potential problems with water or dirt getting into the motor? What other changes can I make to gain power without sacrificing rideability or reliability?

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I was concerned about water and such when I removed my airbox. But, it hasn't been a problem at all. The only thing slightly negative is that it makes the bike slightly louder. I thought it was a nice gain for free.

Here are some general tips from offroad.com. go to my tech section and click on this link:

WR400 Tech Tips from www.off-road.com

As far as it hurting performance on tight trails, I don't agree at all.

I personally think the bike is much harder to ride on tight trails with it all restricted. All this restriction makes the bike less torqey in the low rpm's and torque what I need when going slow over tight and/or technical terrain.

Just my opinion.



damn this is old

damn this is old

LOL :)

damn this is old

Why did you revive it then?? :)

Funny stuff... The Bryan character from Colorado posted above is the guy that started Thupertalk.. :)

Question, Should Phil still be a newbie? :)

Question, Should Phil still be a newbie? :)


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