How to protect you airbox cover free engine!

i just pulled off my airbox cover on my 00 wr i did notice that it was a little bit louder but i don't care too much. i was wondering if there is a chance that dirt, mud or water can get into there if you are riding in muddy conditions. i was thinking about a piece of door screen. what do you think? if anybody has tried ridding without the cover in muddy conditions i would appeciate any insight they have. if nothing goes in there i would also like to know about this. thanks, ray

I've never found anything other than dust in my airbox with the lid off. There should have been a black piece of vinyl that came with your bike. Put this under your seat when you are riding in extreme dusty or rainy conditions. This will help keep water and dust out of the box. Remember to drain the airbox plug at the bottom after water crossings, rain or washings. You really shouldn't have a problem unless you submerge it completely.


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what is this airbox plug you speak of? the only thing i can see is a small clear piece of plastic tubing with the end pinched off about 1 1/2 inches long sticking out of the bottom of the airbox pointing towards the motor is this the airbox plug?

Hey Ray,

Yes, that is the plug Dougie is refering to. When you wash the bike, really well, you may find a little water in this "plug" Be sure to drain it. For if you do not, then water/moisture build up will end up in the carb and if it ends up in the carb it will end up in the motor. And if it ends up in the motor, then you will be lubing the motor with milkshake rather than oil... :)


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Ray - I ride a 98 WR in the UK. Its always wet and muddy. You Yanks don't even know the meaning of mud! My WR has no airbox lid, and unlike my previous XR400, it has proved very difficult to drown. Knowing I like the water, I removed the small clear pipe that exits at the bottom outside of the airbox. This is a sealed tube and does not allow the box to self drain. With this in place, the box would fill up like a bath.

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