Anyone have jetting specs for 00 wr 400 (california)? My bike has airbox and exhaust restrictions removed, i generally ride in the 2000-6000 Ft. elevation range. The bike seems way lean, especially on the bottom.

I also experienced a lean condition when I removed the exhaust restriction and airbox snorkel. By simply raising the needle by only one grove, the bike ran perfectly up to about 6,000 feet.

I have since performed the YZ timing mod and installed a DSP pipe to my '00 WR, and am going through the typical re-jetting ceremony. I think I am close (the recommended 48 pilot / 180 main jets are too rich), and once I get it dialed I will post my settings.

Hope this helps.

How do you like the dsp pipe?


The DSP pipe is awsome. The fit is perfect and it makes power everywhere.

i have been doing alot of fidling w my oowr jeting lately. i installed a yz426 pipe & started fouling plugs. using an exhaust gas anylizer. stk 42 pilot, 2 turns, 4th clip. or 45 pilot, 1 turn, 3rd clip. both w stk needle & 170 main. this last seems to work out pretty well.

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