Hey Clark,

As seen from the forum. You mention that u installed a vortex CDI. Is it possible that you write a full report of the performance gain on the CDI with WR timing and YZ timing. I am currently intending of buying one of this to boost performance on my WR. Thanks in advance. :)

I agree with him, I went to the web site an I'm wondering if the cost is worth the performance gain (what is the cost?). Opinion from somebody who used it could be good...

The cost is $398 plus applicable tax and shipping. Mike at M&T racing here in So California has done all the research, developmet and fielding of the ignition curves for the Vortex ignition system. Vortex is an Austrailian firm but the development is done here. Mike does ignitions for the Yam and Ty Davis racing efforts. The curves and bike and model dependent.

As to performance I LOVE it. It comes with two ignition curves and you can switch between them on the fly via a handle bar mounted thumb activated swithch.

The torque curve is linear in its application of torque and power it has less of a "HIT" but is very fast off the line and is excellent in low traction or tough terrain situations. I even like it when running fire roads which have hard pack with a light coating of dust it gives better control.

The performance curve has a healthy hit in the mid range and is designed with motocross in mind. I pulls very aggressively from mid rang on up. It makes the bike wheelee pron and on the street difficult to keep the front end on the ground in 2 and 3rd while under full throttle (impossible in second must control throttle input and almost impossible in third especially if you are a light weight Im 220 and leaning forward as far as possible to keep it down--makes riding sporting and fun. (even with 15/48 final drive ratio)

I definatly switch between the curves while riding depending on the terrain and riding conditions.

The Vortex ignition raises the rev limiter another 800-1000 rpm and in my case this means I never hit it before I shift. With the stock ignition it hit it all the time. As a comparison I put the stock ignition back on a then I was really banging into the rev limiter in 1,2,3rd. The Vortex ignition works for me.

I had to go two needle sizes richer to get the Vortex performance curve jetted with the YZ timing. Went from a DVR (stock YZ to a DVN) in the #4 from the top. But remember my WR ahs been ported also and may play into the jetting.

M T Racing

7505 Jurupa Ave. Suite C

Riverside, Ca. 92504


Hope this is of some benefit


Clark does the Vortex CDI still use the TPS?

The TPS appears to work by changing the resistance in the sender, can it be fooled into giving more torque by placing a resistor in the circuit? ie does it retard the timing in response to a wide opening at low revs?

I guess I could find out if I disconect the neutal switch and observe the advance effects with my timing light. Thoughts?

According to Mike at M T the Vortex is a full 3-D ignition which uses throttle positon and RPM to determine the ignition timing advance. Reference page 6-2 of the WR Owners Service manual.


Thanks for the infor Clark. :)

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