Opinion on Pipes

I've heard about the FMF, White Bros, and DSP pipes, I've got a 2000WR and will run primarily around 5500 ft, How would I order a DSP(ie Manufacturer or vendors that sell them) also opinions on stock vs aftermarket header. Thanks.

I like the FMF Power Core IV Spark Arrestor, I found it added usable power across the band. Some people find it too loud, it depends on your goals. I ride and race desert, the FMF works for me. I'm running with the stock header pipe for now. But I have friends that run White Bro's E-series and love them! Before I'd suggest a pipe to you, I'd need to know what you expect from it. There is no free lunch! There are top end pipes, low end pipes and a little bit every where pipes, where are you looking to gain? Do you need a Spark Arrestor? Would you like to save weight or money? :)

Whatever you do, jet the bike correctly for where you ride, I'd never touched a carb before last month and people on this list helped me out. Check the forums and you'll find "how-to's" on replacing the Main Jet and Needle Jet. It's not that hard.


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

I think that I'd mostly prefer all around improvements I'll be riding some tight slow trails as well as on a track close to home and then there will be the oil service roads all over by my house, probably should have the spark arrestor as I'll get up into Colorado some too. I plan to delve into the carb modifications this weekend, when out riding with the guts removed from the stock pipe the thottle will turn with not much response past half throttle like the bike is choking. Money is somewhat a factor, but I've found numerous times you do get what you pay for and I'd rather only pay once. Thanks for thoughts so far.

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