YZ Timed, Vortip, sea level???

Hi, just wanna find out if any of you guys have your bike YZ timed, using the vortip, riding at sea level and have the jetting spot on? :D if yes, please let me know what's your jetting like. currently my bike sputters at 1/2 throttle when throttled quickly. :)

Can't help with the jetting but if it hesitates when you give the throttle a quick twist check that the accelerator pump is still squirting. There seems to be a lot of problems with the housing filling up with crud :)


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I have a 2000 with YZ timing, DSP pipe/header, 180 main and 48 pilot and airbox cover removed.

My bike seems to work spot on.

My best guess for your bike is to try a 45 pilot jet first and see how that works, and maybe a 170 main.

My initial observations with my bike is that the pilot jet was way too lean.

You may first want to try screwing out the pilot screw much farther than you think, like three turns. If this improves the situation then you are on the right track to richening up the idle circuit.


i am currently using DVR needle at 5th clip, my DVP is on the way, 48PJ and 178MJ, screw 2 turns out, cleaned my accelerator pump so there shouldn't be any goo there. but it seems to run hotter than wr timing...aarrgghh :)

At sea level I would not run the main jet lower than 180 perhaps 182 or 185. The DVR needle will be much leaner than the DTM at an just off idel I recommend running it in at least the #5 clip position from the top. A 50PJ at sea level may be required. The 48 PJ seems to be working good everywher else.


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