misterious broken throtle valve slide 99 wr helppp

hello everyone on sunday at 10 am i was climbing a mountain at full throttle and when i got to the top misteriously the bike stopped and didnt start , when i hited the kikstart it fel like something was scraping the cilinder i removed the cams and the train valve to chek the valves found 3 pieces of metal in the top of the piston.and came from the throttle valve slide of my keihin carb so im a little woried why did it broke?

Do i have to buy a new carb or they sell the part and who sells it please help.

from reading a few other post and technical articles at this site it sounds normal. i would like to know if this has happened to any '99 yz400s'

Hey there,

This is a common problem among WR/YZ. Just order a new slide from your dealer maybe BAJA or yamaha, but bewarn the slide cost $200 the last time BAJA gave me a quote. F*# KING expensive. Besure that you remove all the derbis from your block and use a air JET to blow all the metal pieces out. Just disassamble the carb and reinstall the slide. To advoid this situation Check your carb slide for any crack and clean your carb componets regularly. :)

I can't understand why it cost $200 over there. Here in Singapore, it cost just US$90.

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