Spark Plug Cleaning

I know this sounds like a daft topic, but some of those fancy plugs out there get damaged real easy.

A bike mechanic (& good friend !) has told me that by wire brushing some types of plugs damages them.

What do you lads do ? - Clean or pop a new one in (can get rather expensive when messing with the jetting & sooting the plugs up !!) :)


stick them over the gas cooker for 5 mins. at first they burn blue but after two or three minutes they burn orange and that's what cleans them up.


Cheers, looks like I'm Cooking tonight !!!


I can vouch for that but note that the plug will turn 'white' as per a hot running lean condition spark plug. No problem, but beware if you rejet and examine this re-used plug, dont to be fooled by the white tinge.

If you don'r feel like getting burned by a hot plug, you can spray em down with "easy-Off Oven Cleaner" and in an hour they are completely cleaned and ready for re-use. They will also read correctly when re-used.

Bonzai :)

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