MAINtenace for your carb fuel pump?????????

Hey there,

Just a notice to all WR rider who don't know about this. If you feel that your bike starts to descrease in performence like less torque, less responsed, after maybe about 5 to 10 rides in very muddy or sandy area. This shows that it about time that you start to clean up your fuel pump which is located in the bottom of the carb, you will be surprised that the fuel pump will be accumulated with dirt, mud and rust in it. Disassemble the pump, start to clean up the ""black rubber thing"" inside the pump which is full of **** with a soft metal brush. After cleaning plus some adjustment to the TPS with a resistor. This "thing" seems to rips better than new. No bull shitting :D

Hope this help :)

Right on, it is worth blowing the fuel pump jet back occassionally too. Its as small as a pilot and could be blocked or reduced easily.

Don't do what I did and make it larger. :) It hasn't made my arms grow longer but they have got much thicker trying to hold on. :D

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