What size is the back axle nut on the 00 wr?

does anybody know the size of the back axle nut on a oo wr i need to tighten my chain but i don't have the right wrench i have to buy one but i don't want to buy the wrong size.

It should say in your owners manual, if it doesn't, why don't you check it with a vernia? About your meat grinder, I guess that that will teach your friend for riding a TT350 instead of a WR! But he probanly wants a WR now, anyway. At least you felt sorry enough for him to help him turn his bike around, after you flew to the top of the hill!

i guess i could use my digital vernier but then i would have to go all the way out to the shop to get it. you are right he is very embarasses that his bike doesn't have enough power to make it up the meat grinder.

I can understand you not wanting to walk thirty or so feet to figure it out, But why would you rather sit in front of your computer waiting, than do something involving your bike?

well you see bikes are bad(sarcasm) and i do not enjoy looking or touching them. get off the internet and call me.


are you sure? if so thanks

a 1.25" soxket will work if you don't have a metric one big enough

27mm, I second that Dougie! :)

Move your motorcycle so that you can wrench on it while you type. Then you will have the collective knowledge of TT'rs to guide your every move.

27mm on my 99wr

Worth noting the guy originally asked this question nearly 5 years ago......

having worked since i left school in a industrial fastening shop (bolts, nuts and other engineering stuff) and the fact that i'm a blue bike rider i'm pretty horrified at the suggestion that a 1.25" socket will do the job. shame, shame, shame.

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