loudest 02 xr650L exhaust

Yea it helped no worries, nice one, touche'

Perhaps I was a tad harsh with the kid and thanks for lettin me know 'bout my hyper-critically illegitimate attack on MotorHeads motorskills

Just for the record though...it was KAS who said MOTOX is ruining Frikes and Bikes alike; And RJB is worried that ALL the areas are doomed...I refuted both those points in my nerveous breakdowm back there...

TO set the record straight

I recycle sometimes but I kicked Al Gore's ass in the BAJA 500...Even though, you're right, I got smoked by a lot of great riders, including some really fast "Friders"

LOL! Just bustin yer balls man…haha! :thumbsup:

Yeah, some of those guys seem like they have a death wish on those things...they really hang it out! HAHA extremely fast times too.

you racing the 1K this year??

I’ll be @ a CHECKER pit 4-sure…probably somewhere in the middle of no-where. That’s the way I like it.

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