Need paddle tire info please

I want to get a spare rear wheel so I can leave a paddle tire on it instead of changing the tire over every time but I need some info. I am having a hard time finding a wr400 18" wheel but I think I could find a yz400 19" wheel. Are paddle tires the same as knobbies in that the outside circumfrence of a 18" tire and a 19" tire are the same with the only difference being the sidewall heigth of the tire? The reason I ask is that I run my rear wheel fully forward with the knobbies almost touching the mudflap so there's not much room for anything with a bigger diameter in there. Also, I put an ad in the classified section of this board but I don't know if anyone visits there yet... anyway, anyone who has a '99 wr400 or yz400 rear wheel for sale can email me at :)


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Watch your clearance to the mud flap. I had a 5.30x18 paddle on and it shredded the flap from rocks/etc that the paddle picked up.


Here is what I do. I run the 18" wheel with my paddle. I run a 48 tooth rear sprocket and a 13 tooth front. This allows the paddle to be further from the swing arm. You will like the lower gearing in the dunes. Remove the mud flap or you will shred it. While your bike is on the stand apply two strips of duct tape to the spring. This will keep your shock from being sandblasted. Believe it or not the tape will stay for at least 3 days.

Now when I run my Knobbie I use my spare 19" wheel and it is just fine. I can climb roks or run tight trails no problem. The bike is yz timed also. You should find it alot easier finding a 19" wheel. P.S. I recommend a 9 paddle

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