Radiator repair?

OK, I busted a radiator 5 miles into my H/S yesterday.... dammit. Now I need some info on those radiator repair services that I see in the back of the magazines. Anybody used any one of them in particular? Know where some straight radiators are for sale... cheap? :) any help would be appreciated.

Sup Stumpy;

Unless you really really wrecked your radiator, look into having someone straighten it for you. I taco'd mine last year, it was pushed all the way back, and flattened in by about 3 inches. I took it to a guy named Dennis at Brighton Radiator Repair here in the Denver area. 3 days later I had a perfectly straight radiator again, he only wanted $25 bucks to fix it, but I tipped him nicely seeing how he saved me $250.00 :D:) . I'm sure there should be someone in the S.C. area that can help you out, worst case you may need to ship it to someone to fix, even then you'll save plenty :D .

:D Dodger :D

I have a set of '98-99 radiators available in excellent condition.

Myler's in Utah does an excellent job at repairing radiators. I bent one up pretty bad and made it loof brand new. It never showed any signs of leaking. They prices are pretty reasonble. You can call them at 1/800-367-7699.

I've used Myler in West Jordan, Utah. I was very pleased and only $50.00 poorer.


Scott F. I'm interested in those radiators if Stumpy doesn't need them. Mine aren't leaking, but their plenty bent. Let me know how much if their still available.

My e-mail is gauthier4@spinn.net



I have a set of radiators from a 2001 YZF if they fit, I will make you a good deal. Dave 740-323-3251

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