Broken skid plate cross bar

Today I found out that the skid plate cross bar (the one that the rear of the skid plate attaches to at the bottom of the frame) was completely snapped at both frame connect points. :) It looks like it can be welded back on. I called the shop and they have a neighbor who is a master welder. Problem is, I will have to probably pull the engine. I haven't even kicked it over with the new YZ timing yet. Those of you that bash on the rocks a lot, might want to check the condition of this crossbar and your skid plate. My plate was also pretty bent up on the bottom and I'm sure it was causing undue stress on this crossbar until if just broke off. Question, do you think it can be ridden without this crossbar?

If it is the one directly below the engine... then I personally would not...

I am not sure what type of stresses that this bar will endure and whether or not it was placed there just for the bash plate....

I would ask your local dealer to investigate this. It may have been put there for the bash plate. Or, t may be there as an additional stress member for the frame.


Motard Mitch

Do you still have the standard skid plate ?

The aftermarket bash plate that I have rests on the frame rails, and doesn't touch the cross bar.

I have some huge gouges in my bash plate, so I am pleased that it's there, who knows what damage I could have done.


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I run the e-line carbon / kevlar skid plate and it completelty covers the bottom of the engine and rides on the frame rails. It uses the stock securing locations and screws for attachment. I'v bashed the hell out of it to the point of denting the frame rails underneth, but not a hint of a problem with the ataching cross member. The stock setup is more of a glide plate vs a bash or skid plate. A plate which rides on the frame rails will be better than one that transmits the impact force to the whipppyyyy attachment points.


I have the Yamaha big bash plate. It rides over the frame rails. It is big and beefy. If fit perfectly with the stock frame bolt ups. Must of just bashed the back end hard enough to bend the plate and that crossbar. I may have to get a new plate as this is pretty twisted. Clark, how much was that E-Line plate? Can I see it anywhere on a web site? Thanks.

If I remember correctly it was about $110. I liked it because it was light weight and covered both sides of the engine; the water pump side and the Mag cover side. E-line has a picture of a similar one on their web site at:

I think its a good product for what I wanted. It looks real good instlled on the WR.


I checked out that site. I am also interested in their carbon fiber chain guide and rear disk guard. My chain guide is also bashed pretty good. Enough that it is ruining my chain. I have bent it back but it is in bad shape. They claim the carbon fiber gives more than aluminum and will keep it's shape. My Devol rear disk guard also keeps bending inward and is getting rubbed by the rotor bolts. Theirs fits exactly like the stock plastic guard and covers both sides. How tough is the carbon fiber? Is it going to take the hardest hit and not break? For that kind of cash it better.

GOOD NEWS-- I've got a pic of an e-line skid plate :D

BAD NEWS-- You can BARELY even see it in this dark picture :)

I rode with a guy one day that had one though and it is really nice, very thick carbon.


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