Jetting XR650L / 2 washers

Anyone try 2 washers or about .042 thickness?

The reason I ask is I bought a pack from radio shack and the thickest washers in the bunch are .021. Which seems a little thin. Was going to stack 2 together and was wondering if it's just a waste of time.

I have all the standard air box mods plus an XR's Only slip on pipe. Was going to run the 58/160 jet combo at sea level.

i got a brass set of 6 washers from lowes for like a buck that fit well they were about .025 it says between .020 and .030 you would prolly be ok with 21 thats ur choice though i wouldnt go outside what they did ALOT have used those mods and if .040 worked better it prolly woulda changed by now

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