Ty Davis Hot Start Handlebar mount switch

Has anyone tried the Ty Davis hot start button that mounts on your handlebars?

The advertisement shows how easy it is to reach when it is right by your clutch. It looks awesome and very functional.

Baja Designs sells it for $60 (US). But, I would like some feedback before I take yet ANOTHER monitary plunge.

Bryan... :)

Buy buy buy.... Dont ask questions, just buy it....aagggghhhhhh

It does look great and it will certainly help in a race.... You will save a total of about 2/3 seconds....

Seriously though, it is very cool and definately worth getting.


Motard Mitch

Bryan, I replaced my stock hot start after my son's XR fell over on the trailer and broke the pull knob. My dealer said it would be pretty pricey for stock, and I wanted to try the remote switch anyway, so I went with it. Goes on in 5 minutes, works like a charm, looks good to boot. By the way, I ordered mine direct from Terrycable for $50.

Thanks Frosty.

That's the information I was looking for.

Sometimes in Colorado, if I stall the bike on a precarious slope, it's hard to get to the hot start. And, if I have the clutch in and the front brake on, it's hard to pop off after I start the bike (although I don't use it all that much). Sometimes I have to kick it with my boot.

So, I figured it would be easier to flick off if the control was right by my clutch.

I'm surprised about the price. Usually Baja Designs has the best prices.

Thanks again,


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