XR650R airfilter that seals better than UNI?

The seal on my UNI filters really sucks. Does Twin-Air or No-Toil offer a foam filter that fits in the airbox better?

Did you cut that strip that connects upper/lower foam (@ seal area)?

You have to use the UNI frame with the UNI air filter. It seals much better without the back fire screen. Best seal you can get if done this way.

Yes I am using the UNI frame without the stock backfire screen. For me it's the very rear section that doesn't seal. I take the sidepanel off and sometimes there is a quarter inch gap at the very rear corner. No, I have cut the strip. How does that help? I have 2 UNI filters with frames and they both do it. Could my airbox be warped?

The strip should NOT be cut. When I got mine, I almost cut it, till I called the UNI tech line. Mine seals pretty good so far

You have to make sure the lip of the side panel lines up with the grove of the air box. Should not cut the strip. Bending the frame to fit the air box is a must.

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