WR eats tires

My stock tire is almost shot after about 300 miles. Can anyone out there recommend a good replacement for desert riding? One guy I ride with (on an RMX250) swears by the K695 desert. He's tried others, but has gotten as little as 3 rides before throwing complete knobs. The terrain I ride in goes from sand washes to rocky hills. Thanks for any info.

Dunlop 739G's. I use a standard 739 and it just seems to last and last....


Motard Mitch

I just bought Bridgestones ED78 gritty rear tire and i think it holds up better than the K695.I also use the ED77 gritty front tire.I ride in Las Vegas where the terrain changes from sand and gravel washes to hard rock hills.Its also hard to find the K695 anymore.

I used up two sets of the 739's, they don't last so long. I am on Bridgestone M77 & M78 now and not only do they stick better, they last a lot longer, especially the rears :)


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Malcolm Smith like the D606 :)http://www.dunloptire.com/cycle/tires/ms_1.html

I ride Dualsport and need something that can handle some asphault as well as dirt. A freind of mine raced a GP with a D606 and said it was great


I have to endorse Malcom's choice of the Dunlop 606. I rode with it this summer and was quite surprised how adept the tire was in various conditions. The tire is definately outlasting the stock 739 rear. DOT legal too. Unlike Malcom, I am not getting paid to say nice things about Dunlop. Although I think I should!


I am in need of a rear tire myself. I think I'm going to try the D606. Thanks for the info!

Hey Jeff,

U should use the latest 739G It is specially design for four stork with heavy torque and it is review to be a very long lasting tire as it's compound is extra hard.


I agree with MotoGreg about the Bridgestones.

They are awesome tires.

I used to run Perelli MT21 dual sport tires on my XR650L. Big chunks would come off after narly rocky rides. I could burn a rear in one ride. Baja Designs clued me into the Bridgestone M78. They are full on knobbies but for some reason hold up well everywhere. Even for dual sport purposes. I could grind them on the XR and they would never chunk and lasted a long time.

They aren't DOT approved though. But, if I ever get questioned by an officer, I'll explain how DOT approved means crap and these tires are actually safer than approved (I'm sure he'll listen eh?).

On the WR, I like them because they seem to hook up better than the stockers and last a little longer here in Colorado.



i buy the cheapest i can find,yep it sucks but ive tried em all and they just wear out.gobs of power does it every time.hehe

i've had good results with the Dunlop 952's so far ... and a friend of mine gets great results on the Kenda 'carlsbad' and they're at reasonable prices too

Dunlop 606 is great if you want a tyre that will last. The grip from this tyre is crap.

The Dunlop 952 how ever, it is super! It lasts and lasts, grips like hell on anything!

Kenda tyres are crap and will chunk and tear. They don't even last on the 250.

I keep hearing really good things about the Maxxis Desert IT (110/100-18) from guys here in the SoCal dez... similar riding to AZ.

I put one on my rim Monday night but pinched the tube so I haven't had a chance to ride it yet.

For Arizona desert riding, the Maxxis IT is a hard tire to beat. I run a standard IT on the rear and have had great luck with it (riding aggressively on the rockiest, nastiest terrain I can find). I haven't tried the Desert IT, but is also pretty popular around here. It's my understanding that it's just like a standard IT but with taller knobs.


I thought the basic knobby pattern was the same but it had a heavier carcass to prevent pinch flats.

Also makes it a bear to install :thumbsup:

I like the Maxxis Desert IT. It's cheap, gives good traction, and lasts forever. It's really hard to beat.

I found that the Maxis IT lasted much longer than the 739G. Maxis has a new desert tire 120/100-18 size only I have not tried it but it is reported to last longer than the Maxis IT. This is a big tire which should be good for a 450. The best thing is they are cheaper than the dunlops.

I use the cheapest thing I can find, 'cause I know MR.WR is going to shred what ever's back there. :thumbsup:

My vote is for the Maxxis IT. While it does not hook up like a Michelin or other high quality tire, it wears like iron. I use mine for desert and dual sport and it is unbelievable. I have two identially prepped DS bikes. My brother and I rode almost 2000 miles in about 10 days. One had the Maxxis IT and it had about 50-65% of the knob height left with no chunking. The other had a Metzler and it was almost completely bald

Another good choice is the Kenda Carlsbad.

Even if the tires last only 50% longer, they cost half as much as a premium tire.

Maxxis SI for me on the back.

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