Good news, I hear my bike will arrive in a few weeks. I want to do a lot to it before I 'ride' it, but I can't seem to find info an an aftermarket manual for the 2K model(yes I searched on this site). Does any one have any info on obtaining a more in depth manual than what will come with the bike? I hear the Yamaha manual is a good, but not great.

Also, I plan to add Russell Speedbleeders to the brakes to ease this task. Can anyone tell me what size the bleed nipple/bolts are? I would expect it to be 8mm boltx1.25 thread or maybe 8x1.25? I would definately endorse this product, it really works! And it's cheap -about $11-14 for a pair (1 dirt bike)

I can describe what it does it no one is familiar with it. In the meantime, anyone know what size these are or where I can get a good manual?


Mike from Columbus Ohio-mcarp

make sure you break it in in fully stock settings for optimum performance. by this i mean with all of the restrictions in place.

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