white brothers e series

My wr400 came with a white brothers e series. after taking a good look at the muffler it looks like it has been taken apart. Where the rivets once were both front and back are now replaced with screws. some of the screws seemed stripped out and others that are intact have silicone around them. The tail end seems to be fine it's the part closer to the header. Will this cause a leak problem, can it be corrected or is it not worth the hassle.


I think the only problem would be vibration.

That in turn would break your mounts, weaken the packing and cause those sorts of problems. Exhaust leakage would only cause increased noise and loss of power I would imagine.

I would pull the screws out and just use bigger pop rivets. :thumbsup:

Maybe a good time to check the packing while you are at it. :thumbsup:

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