Need help with graphics


well i have an 04 yz450f and my graphics are looking ragged

i want to find a nice clean looking set... i REALLY like some of the GYTR graphics but every single one is discontinued for the year they told me...

so if anyone could direct me to a site with graphics for sale or a set that you have and could show a picture and where to buy

thanks... really want to order something by next weekend

thanks a bunch

Search can find anything on there.

Search can find anything on there.

trust me i have searched and havent found anything i like... and ebay is 90% 06-07 models right now cant find squat that looks decent for my bike...

I have a brand new complete yamaha of troy kit that i may sell, pm me if your interested.

Call Ceet and ask if they have anymore "team yamaha" kits for the 03 - 05. These were the same tha tGYTR had a few years ago. They were the cleanest that I could find. I bought a extra because I knew all the good stuff would be discontinued

(760) 597-1077

well if you bought an extra then you have one to sell!

just kidding... but yea i found that site earlier and noticed they were simple and not too cluttered which i like... i will call them and see if they have anything

and someone i used to work with had designed his own graphics and preprinted number plate backgrounds... i havent talked to him for a while and cant get a hold of him... anyone know anything about that?

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