How do you clean you oil filter?

after i came back from my second great ride i thought i would change my oil and clean my filter on my 00 wr. what a surprise i had to take off my silencer and header to get to the oil filter. anyways i was wondering if i could clean my oil filter instead of buying a new one the only thing in the filter is small metal bits.

you need not remove your header even if you are using the stocker. just loosen the bolts that hold the header in place and you can easily push the header upwards. i usually use gas to wash my oil filter. You need not change filter everytime you do an oil change. it's meant to be reuseable. :)

Yep, that is what I use too...gas. At $15 a pop, it is best to re-use the oil filter unless it is torn or in bad shape. You, shouldn't have to remove your header and muffler. All you have to do is loosen the header bolts and push it up and out of the way. Of course you can do what I did and get the FMF header which allows you easy access to the oil filter as it is moved up and out of the way.


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I also clean my oil dilter. I take the oil filter out on every other oil change and clean it using contact cleaner, PJ1 Super Clean. I reverse spray to clean the filter. I replace the oil filter after the third cleaning or if it looks suspicious.


Ditto about the head pipe. I use Bel-Ray Contact Cleaner to clean mine and it works really well. I suppose any contact cleaner will work the same. I would make sure to clean and check the filter about the first 3 or 4 oil changes and then maybe you could clean it with every other oil change.

For oiling the "oil" filter I use the engine oil pump, for the "air filter" I use PJ1 or equivelant foam filter spray. :cheers: WR Dave

The buy these that come in a green box for 2 or 3 bucks. I just throw them away and get a new one.

I've got a stainless oil filter. I'll usually spray some carb cleaner on it and blow it out, install..

I've got a stainless oil filter. I'll usually spray some carb cleaner on it and blow it out, install..

I've been thinking about getting one of those for the WR and quad. Are they worth the money?

i too was contemplating it, Im still a bit skeptical

I bought a Scotts and love it. Whats to be skeptical about? It couldnt possibly be worse than using an off brand unknown $3.00 filter or reusing one several times over. Mine has paid for itself and I am not tempted to compremise. I researched this filter and feel its a great alternative to buying paper over and over.

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