I just can't do it.. I can't sell her.. I tried but I can't

I bought a new 07 KTM 300XC and love it.. Well my wife saw this bike next to the "old red pig" and said "do you really need that bike"???? So I put it on ebay after many restless nights :thumbsup: and yesterday I pulled it back off. I just can't let her go.. I pleaded with the wife and after many promises a new bracelet and juicer that she wanted.. I got the ok to keep old red... I have soo much blood, sweat and tears into this bike.. I just can't sell her. She has taken me through Mexico - Central and Northern Cali and Nevada. Never once did she complain.. Couple flats but oh well.

Anyway, I am here to stay.

Oh yea the bike:

2001 or 2 can't remember

XR650R with CA street title and plate

BD Dual Sport kit

BD Electric Start Kit

BD High output stator

HRC power-up kit

Acerbis 5 gal tank

GPR stabilizer

Works Connection skid plate

Viper enduro computer

Moose handguards

BRP triple clamp

Precision concepts rear suspension

Independent front suspension

and probably some other stuff I can't remember

Does anyone else see why I just can't let her go?. I think it is love:blush:

I feel very much like you. I have 5 bikes and I don't think I will ever get rid of the BRP.

GPR Stabilizer

BD Mech. Speedo

4.7 gal. IMS

Grip Heaters

BD electric starter and high output stator

Edelbrock carb

Hotcam Stage 1

Honda Power up kit

BD upgraded headlight

Rekluse autoclutch

Billy Button high bars

Bark busters and shields

Utah Sports skid plate

Front forks valving modified

Moose rear fender bag

It would be dual sported but Washington won't let me. She still is my desert Cadillac

Hell yeah I can see why you want te keep her. I've got an old CB750 that I'm the same way with. I've just got way to much history and good memories with old thing and just can't let it go. Hang on to it,they're to hard to get back once they're gone.

I Just have too much seat time on mine to even think about letter her go.

Good choice on keeping yours

ya man! they become like a kid or someother part of the family!:thumbsup:

I had a BRP back in 2001, got rid of it for a KTM 300. There are STILL times I miss that bike.

A XR650R plus a KTM 300 would be my dream garage. I think I'll just save my pennies though because I'm not giving up the XR.


I still have a red 1971 SL350!

wow then you guys wouldnt blame me for giving up the opportunity to trade my street titled xr600 for a street titled cr500, i built the xr from scratch i just cant let her go

I know the feeling, just added a 2000 EXC300 to my garage as well. good thing I don't have a wife to tell me no.P1010074_001.sized.jpg

94 jeep wrangler, 2001 XR650R, 2006 WR450, 2000 EXC300

Can't get much more, running out of room.

I know the feeling. I had to launch my 2003 650R because I have a new 650R and I drug my feet on dual sporting the 03, missed the deadline, and ended up with two XRs that do the same job.

So the 03 had to go. I really regret it. I think of the upside since it helped me buy a nice mountain bike, but it still has been tough.

If I rode 2strokes and KTMs I would run out and buy a 300 in a heartbeat. That's a great combination for sure.

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