Dunlop D742F Front tire....

Anyone with any experience with this tire? I just bought a used YZ426 with this tire on the front. I've never used this tire and I've got a Michelin Starcross MS3 sitting in my garage that I'm thinking of putting on there. I've had good luck with the MS3's but I'll leave the D742F on there if it's worth riding on.......any opinions?

Ive never used one but the ones on TT that have says it is a good tire and lasts farely well. Iam getting ready to put a D952 on the front and on the rear in a few weeks. Ive been useing the dunlop 756's and they just wear to quick and I just bought the D952's to see how they perform and how long they will last.

I had one on an 06. It was pretty good but I like the 755 better. The 742 is better than the 739, but it really depends on what type of terrain you ride. For loam the 742 cuts alright but still pushes a little and does good on hard pack. It takes a little more pressure to keep it in a rut than the 755.

The new 742FA (as opposed to the old 742) is a good tire that works well over a fairly wide range of soil types from sand to hard pack. It excels in softer intermediate to intermediate stuff, and is better in that kind of dirt than the 756 does, wears better, and performs much better in harder soils than a 756.

If you run in more hard pack and less soft stuff, the 745 is a very good intermediate to hard surface tire.

One of the other things I like about these two is the way they act when they start sliding. A lot of older front tires just let go without much warning. These you can feel coming loose, and steer them through the push and back into contact again much more predictably.

Cool, I'll give it a try. I haven't run Dunlops in a while. I was so disgusted with the 739's that came on my new YZ250F a while back that I never used Dunlop again. I've been running Michelin Starcross MS3's and s-12's. I've got a pretty wide range of terrain where I ride.

739's are hard pack tires. Pretty much hard pack only. The 745 is a replacement for them and works far better in intermediate soils. A lot like an improved Bridgestone M401.

If the range of soils in your area runs more soft than hard, run the 742FA. If it runs more hard than soft, run the 745.

hey I was gonna ask the same question cuz up north its all sand and here at home its all hard pack (unless it rains then its mud)

I was gonna try a 756 front and stay with a 739 rear but I may go with a 745FA front and what rear??

I seen on the dulop site that the D952 is for enduro and woods riding and I didnt know that. I ordered a front and rear and I race MX and was wondering if it will still perform for MX riding. The tracks I race at are mostly dirt and sawdust(mulch like)mix and when groomed right the track is tacky but towards the middle of the day if its hot the track drys out and starts to get hard,rutted,braking bumps and I was wondering if the D952 will perform in these conditions. I was wanting a tire that would last longer than the 756 series and that would hook up and corner better. Hope I didnt waste my money on the 952.

Greyracer. On the 745 front do you recomend the 80/100 or the 90/100? I have been considering this tire and not sure if I should try the 90/100 or not. Any advice?

I have only used the 80's. I tried a 90 in a Bridgestone M401, and I wasn't altogether pleased with the results. But without an 80 to compare it too, it's not easy to say what effect the larger size had.

I was wanting a tire that would last longer than the 756 series and that would hook up and corner better.

You and 99% of the others here.

I went with the Bridgestone 402A rear :thumbsup: :thumbsup: and have been pleased thus far. To date, I have already road twice as long compared to the 756 and it's barely showing wear. The Bridgestone uses dual-compounds so the knobs on top are harder and take much longer to wear. I'm still amazed at how many hours that I have on them in comparison. The 756's were good for a bout 4-5 rides which is just unacceptable.

I'm trying to figure out what to run on the front now. I have the 756, but I'm not convinced it's the best tire for me. Wears much better than a 756 rear, however.

I like the 745 in the 90 series. It seems to ride a little smoother over rocks ad the thing corners awesome. I've used it in sand to hard packed and its the best front tire i've used so far. Its holding up very well. My old tire would wash out really bad in the hard pack sections at the track and this one just sticks. Give it a shot.

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