Baja Designs or Thumper Products baffle?

I have a Baja Designs baffle for the stock WR exhaust. It works fine, but looks a little goofy. It quites down your exhaust quite a bit. I don't use it anymore as I replaced my exhaust with a DSP.

I was wondering if anyone has used either the Baja Designs Baja baffle or the Thumper Products baffle. I'm would like to decrease the db's for trail riding, but I don't want to use the stock piece of junk. Any comments on either of these would be appreciated. Also has anyone in Utah dual sported a 2000 WR400? It has the dreaded '3' in the eighth place on the VIN and I was wondering if the Utah DMV gave you any hassle.

I have the Baja Designs tip on my 99 WR. It gives you performance close to running without a baffle. Had it sound tested on a Dual Sport ride, 88dba. It may look kind of odd(round piece with a downward 45 degree angle and flared mouth) but the fit was very snug.

Baja Designs has a picture of the vortip style baffle (curved pipe cut off level with the ground) however their baffle is shorter and angles down 45 degrees right out of the end of the exhaust.

It works fine, but looks a little goofy.

Gary, I use the term "Goofy" here in New England, and the guys give me a rash of crap. In Minnesota where I grew up, goofy is a completely acceptable adjective. I am glad it is used and accepted somewhere else! :)

Have been using the Thumper Racing exhaust tip. It is louder that the Yamaha baffle, but what isn't? Have passed sound tests at every event I've entered. The power is good and it is quiet enough that it is not bothersome after rding all day, day after day for multi day events. It was worth the 70 - 80 dollars it cost. :)


"Goofy" is perfectly acceptable in Washington, New Mexico and most of the contigious 48 states w/the exception of New Hampshire and Vermont. . .if you want a more manly term for the New Hampshire rock farmers( :)) use "f&*kin' goofy". . . .I use it on my New England friends and they back off. . .

Good luck and HOLD YOUR GROUND!! :D


A thumper rider that knows when something

looks f&*kin' goofy when he sees it!

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