Front Hub MN1-FR, Bearing Swap?????

I have a 92xr600r, It has a cartridge system fork on it, but a smaller axle. I have just acquired a set of excel rims with the stock black hubs, from what year? not sure. The Excel front wheel is missing the axle but the bearings and internal axle sleeve remain. My stock axle is smaller in dia. by a mm or 2. I'm thinking I swap the bearings to the old diameter and I'm golden. Am I correct? This is the same hub shell, so I can use my 91 fork with the small axle with a set of 98 hubs(by changing out the bearings)

As long as the bearings match both the hubs and axle (diameter wise) you'll be just fine. Any bearing shop will have what you need.

Good Luck :thumbsup:

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