Stock baffle/Vortip problems

I need some help, I have broken three stock baffles and yesterday a Vortip insert. Do I have a problem with jetting or somthing else? The bike is stock, the jetting is stock, the airbox has not been altered, the timing is WR standard, and I have not done any of the mods suggested on this board. I ride at elevations of 2000' to 4000'.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have broken three stock baffles and yesterday a Vortip insert.

How, in what way?

They break where the bolt mounts it to the muffler. It is not the result of crashes so I am kind of at a loss and wondering if it is jetting related. I have run the bike without the baffle but I do not notice any backfire. If any body could enlighten me I would appreciate it.

is your bolt too long? It should be somewhere around 3/8" long. Might be bottoming out against the inner pipe???

I would think that if it were broken by backfire you would know it without a doubt.

Opinions anyone?

I have the same bike and ride in the same elevation. I have never had a problem like yours. I think you may have your bolts too tight? Heat expands metal? I mean bolts don't just brake for no reason. If they are bottomed any flex may rip up a bolt. How are they broken? Are they really broke or torn. You see there are different ways that a piece of metal is broken can you expand.

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