Knee & Shin Protectors

I'm looking to get a better knee/shin protector. I've seen a couple of recommendations that V*Top knee and shin protectors are the best. Anyone use them or some brand that's similiar? And where the heck would you find out where to buy them?



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I have some MSR V top knee pads (the ones that dont cover the shin at all) they are now retired after a few get offs. Im not impressed at all ... the plastic just cracked in two!!

Presently using HRP XT 2000 knee/shin protectors so far no complaints from me. Oh yeah they are guaranteed.



Nathan Apelbaum

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I use the Moose XCR knee/shin pads - they work great. I modified them a little bit to be more comfortable. Added a fake sheep skin sleeve over the strap - like you see on seat belts - to keep the strap from chaffing the back of my knee & added some additional velcro tabs to the strap so they would fit better on my scrawny bird legs.


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I also use the Moose XCR's and they have saved my ability to walk on more than one occasion. They do have a few "dents" in them now but only after a few very hard get off's(the impact would have removed my knee-caps).

I wouldn't ride with any thing else!!!



I use Fox Pivots, and they are way burly. Nothing can hurt you when you are wearing these things.

But because of the amount of coverage they can be uncomfortable. On long rides mine rub my knee where I squeeze the tank/shrouds. This happens because the tank/shroud pushes and rotates the knee cup away or outboard. Then the inside edge pokes my knee. I ride off-road but I imagine the effect would be even worse on a track.

It is not a deal killer for me, I like these guards and hadn’t considered replacing them until I saw a recent magazine test on some guards that secured to your calf AND your thigh with a beefy looking strap. I can’t remember the company (Moose or AXO maybe?) but the thigh strap looks to eliminate the problem of the guard shifting or twisting by being pushed up against the tank. They had no appreciable shin guard from the looks of the photo, however.

I know, I’m a worthless toad because I can never remember this stuff, I don’t have a computer at home and I don’t have a pile of dirt bike magazines at my work. But I’m planning on ordering a set of these things and will post my impressions. If I remember correctly they were said to retail in the twenty dollar range.

Anyone else see the same article?

If anyone out there can remember the magazine and month hick is talking about, please post it, I would like to check it out. Im just to lazy to go in the attic and start rumaging though back copys myself. b.gif


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The HRP guards have a thigh and a shin strap! The moose guards look similar and would be probably be comparable.


Originally posted by milkman2544:

If anyone out there can remember the magazine and month hick is talking about, please post it, I would like to check it out.


It is sitting on top of my coffe table. Check back tomorrow, I will post which mag/issue.

The magazine with the knee guards I mentioned is October Dirt Rider, Albee is on the cover railing a berm on the ’01 RM.

Page 128 has a short product evaluation of Moose’s new M-1 knee guards. They have a lot of padding and a relatively small and unobtrusive looking knee cup. The padding looks like it would help you grip the bike with the inside of your knees better. Dirt Rider rated them 9 ½ stars, they retail at 29.95

I could not find them on Moose’s web site, but they looked similar to the XCR knee/shin guard but not identical. There isn’t a phone number so I sent an email to find out about their new guards and the difference between the XCR & M-1.

Here’s a picture of the XCR:∏=60

That was quick! Here is my email to Moose:

In the October issue of Dirt Rider on page 128 there is a short product evaluation of what is called Moose M-1 knee guards. I looked for them on your website but could not find such a product. I did see the XCR knee/shin protector and it looked similar, though not identical, to the M-1 guard shown in the magazine.

What is the difference between the two products?

And here is the reply:

Thank you for your inquiry about Moose M1 Knee guards. The website is being updated but it is grossly outdated. Amazing how fast a year goes by and how much things can change. The M1 knee guards are shown in the new Moose catalog. It is very difficult to explain the difference between the XCR Knee guard and the M1 Knee guard. The only thing I can say is that the M1 Knee guard is better form fitting and has had many compliments from people who have recently bought them.

Bought a pair of rollerblade knee pads for $10.00 1 yr ago. Very similar to the Moose guards described above with one distinction- mine have no shin guard, only a shin pad. Otherwise, these things work great. Large knee cup, padding above and below, large elastic sleeve with separate straps (which I don't even need to use). Cut the bottom off a pair of old moto socks, pull the pad up over that (so it doesn't chaff the leg)and the whole setup works great.

Looks like either the HRP Flak, or the Moose shin guards! I did find the V*Top shinguards, but they were selling for $60. Better be darn good for that price. . .

After crashing this weekend, knee/shin guards have become a priority. Tired of having my kneecap move around all the time after I crash. :)


'00 WR; YZ modified, DSP exhaust system & UNI air, Jetting by the firm of Clark, James & Bryan & a bunches of other fun stuff that was fun to buy. . .

Thanks Hick, now I know why I dont remember seeing that product evaluation. I havent read the mag yet! Its at work begging to be read.

When is work gonna slow down so I can get some reading done!


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

So I walked into my local motorcycle place to get some oil, and there hangs a pair of V*TOP Knee/shin guards!! In my size too! So I bought them (can you say, Impulse buy?). I tried them on and I feel like RoboCop when I wear them. Scared the dog! They cover the upper thigh, knee and 2/3's of the shin. Pretty light and they have a removable pad for washing (sorta). I'm gonna ride them this weekend and see how they work. For a visual, here's a link:

Thanks for all the input!! :)



'00 WR; YZ modified, DSP exhaust system & UNI air, Jetting by the firm of Clark, James & Bryan & a bunches of other fun stuff that was fun to buy. . .

I use the Fox 911s they're accually downhill mountain bike knee shin protectors. They're sewn to a lycra sleeve (which can get a tad hot here in AZ) But seem to be holding up after a few wipe outs, they fit quite nicely in my boots (tech 8s) I also wear the forearm/elbow ones too. They go almost to my wrist which is farther than the moto ones I have seen advertised. The lycra sleeve also protects the skin from scratches too, I bought them because I'm heavily tattooed protects that exspensive ink!

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