Exhaust systems

I'm in the market to buy a complete exhaust system. I saw a test a while back on the net somewhere giving out the dyno resaults. Does anyone know of the web site? I'm looking for the best I can put on. Or does anyone recommend one? I was thinking a Yosh or White Brothers. Any thoughts guys/girls? I ride most eveything track,woods,open desert,etc...


Kermit in AZ

I looked at White Bros, FMF/Stroker, Big Gun SDS and DSP. From what I read the DSP and the Yosh had good dyno tests on the YZ426. Noise wasn't a primary concern. The Yosh was $$$. I finally settled on a DSP Factory Series Stainless Steel exhaust (Couldn't justify the Titanium version, although I CAN justify just about anything else!). I like it. I got the spark arrestor version. Nice finish and well made. It's a bit loud, but for New Mexico, that's good. Keeps you from getting runover and keeps you from running over the critters.

Installing the DSP was easy. Only tricky part is bolting the silencer to the frame. The silencer has a rather LARGE hanger to bolt onto the frame, so you need some parts to make it work. I used a YZ125 exhaust hanger grommet to fill the hole, the bolt from the stock exhast clamp that holds the silencer and head pipe together (8mm) and two large stainless steel fender washers. Works great!

Gives me MUCH better performance in the mid-range and a little better top-end. Bike has a more fluid overall power band. The pipe plus tricking out the bike with the YZ changes makes it a sooooooo much fun to ride now. Performance will vary depending on your carb jetting too!!


'00 WR; YZ modified, DSP exhaust system & UNI air, Jetting by the firm of Clark, James & Bryan & really big, freakin' knee guards. . .

[This message has been edited by Gary Kessler (edited 09-09-2000).]

[This message has been edited by Gary Kessler (edited 09-09-2000).]

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