Quick Question: Carb Overflow

Hey guys im just wondering if this is normal.

Whenever the bike is off and I lean it at an angle, like a few degrees past kickstand angle, gas comes out of the overflow tube. But in little squirts, its not a stream. I have double checked my Floatbowl Drain screw also.



Set your float level slightly lower so that the spring in the needle applies more pressure to the seat.

You're talking about the Float Needle right?

Correct! the needle is not shutting off the flow of fuel from the tank where it enters the carb. the reason for this is that the carb overflow is letting the fuel out of the carb bowl before the float can rise high enough to apply propper pressure to the needle to stop the flow.

Okay Thanks!

So how do I know when the needle is adjusted correctly?

And would this have to do with uneasy starting?

The bike used to start second kick cold, but now it acts likes its flooded. I can start it but it takes quite a few kicks. Would leaving the petcock on overnight lead to flooding?


However if I were you I would read the service manual(check sticky note at top of this forum) and then I would perform a very through carburetor cleaning and adjustment. while you are in there I would write down all the jet sizes so that when you ask for more help on the forum you can provide specific information inorder to recieve more specific help. BTW that bike after proper service should start first kick. maybee 2-3 kicks after periods of storage.

Search "Starting Drill"or "Starting procedure"

Well maybe I'll tear down and clean the carb tonight.

I have the starting procedure memorized, but the only part that confuses me is when Dr.D says to twist the throttle twice, wouldn't that flood it?

DON"T DO THAT you only need to do that when its really cold outside that will be even less of an issue with proper jettingand carb function.

There is a allen bolt at the left lower part of the carb bowl it is a carb drain. Use this after a ride/ service so as to store the bike with no fuel in the carb. The carb will stay clean and the motor will start right up when you turn on the fuel.

LOL I figured that one out pretty quick.

Ok I was thinking that that would be a good idea because I'm finding that if I leave the petcock on overnight, its hard to start.

Why is that?

Probably because with the float leaking fuel some of it is leaking down the inlet tract and flooding the engine with fuel. Also, check your oil/change it - if it is leaking in constantly you will probably be getting fuel contamination of the oil.

Just a thought.

Ok I'll check that.

Now when you take the carb off, what do you do with the throttle cables?

Do you unscrew them? because it looks like they are at a certain adjustment.

or do you just unscrew the mount and take the cables out of the holes.

And do you take of the subframe as well?

You remove them from the carb.

When you reinstall them you adjust them correctlly.

ok, now thats the part that confuses me.

Do I just screw them all the way in and count the turns out? Is it that exact?

You unscrew the one nut on the side that has all the threads leave the other nut where it is for refernce.

when you reinstall put them back the way you took them off. Then you check the throttle for play you should have a little bit of play on the open cable and no binding or pulling through full steering input. the close cable should have a small amount of play but should be able to close the throttle fully with ease.

ahhhh, Ok

thanks for that.

That makes sense.

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