Sierra Club ORV fact sheet

Two quick comments:

1) Funny, I ride off-road on DESIGNATED trails and 4wd roads and those are are the ones threatened! Are they a)Stupid or :) trying to lie to people to gain support?

2) The cowards don't even leave an e-mail address so I can voice my calm, cool and collected opinion.


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The key to our success on this issue is that we make ourselves known. E mail these places,and voice your opinion. answer all these polls. We can't get frustrated and make ourselves sound like cry babies. Most of all, we need to police ourselves. You know ,as well as I know, that ALOT of people do disregard the trail signs, they do ride onto marked private land , they needlessly tear up camping areas. That makes us all look bad. Unless this type of behavior stops, or at least slows down,we will all look bad.Most of all we need to vote this coming election. EVERYBODY!! If we let that 1 person(you know who I'm talking about)get into office, we might all be looking to buy alot of land so we can get some use out of our 6000 dollar toys.I'm sorry, this soap box keeps getting in my way! Happy trails!!

I just e-mailed them some thoughts.

As Eric Cartman would say.

"Just a bunch of tree huggin hippies"

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