Oil under bike?

took my 2001 650r to work today for the first time, just went out to check on it during lunch and there is about a less than 20 cc mark of something under it. Didn't have a chance to find where it was coming from, it looks like its coming from somewhere around the back of the engine right under the shock. Anyone know what it might be? the bike is new to me. I just did a oil and filter change 6 days ago.

Sounds like it could be just some spooge from your breather dripping out the airbox drain. You may have overfilled a little and should'nt be a big deal. Have a better look and post back.


What Rman said, or have you serviced your airfilter recently? Overoiled it?

Oiled it as usual, but now that it is sitting in the sun at work, the heat from the day thinned it enough to flow more easily, and now it is happily pooled up on the ground?

Any of your "friends" playing a prank?

Any harleys parked nearby? (Ha! How could I resist, lol)

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