Digital Cameras

Does anyone here know anything about digital cameras?

I would like to start looking for a good one, but Im not sure if I want to believe the pimple faced kid at Best Buy.

I borrowed my brothers a while back and it was 1.3 megapixel. It took good quality pictures if you were taking a "still" picture. Well as you probably know, every picture I own is a "action" shot. The pictures would turn out blurry if you tried to capture someone riding by.

Also, another thing a hated about it is when you would press the button to snap the shot, it would have about a 0.5 second delay.

Does anyone know of a good camera that I could go check out that dosent cost so much that I cant afford to keep buying aftermarket accessories for my scoot?



Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

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I currently own an Olympus D-400. It's about a 18 months old, so it's outdated. I also have used the Kodak Digitals and the Nikon digitals. All of the newer models have a significantly improved memory transfer rate.

I bought the Sony DSCF55 for a friend last Xmas and she loves it. It takes MPEG movies at about 10 frames/second (30 fps is video).

Things I would consider:

Digital media type: Compact Flash, Memory stick or SmartMedia

Number of shots per second ("shutter speed" and memory write speed)

Battery life!! and battery type (Lithium Ion is currently the best with no memory effect) and rechargable.

Computer software and image transfer. Most allow either USB port or a PCMCIA card. Olympus has a floppy adapter too.

Size. I carry my Olympus in my fanny pack. Just don't fall on it!

Support. Software updates, problems and warranty repair.

If I was going to buy another one. I'd probably look carefully at the Olympus D-490 (15 FPS MPEG movies), the Sony DSC-F55 or the Nikon CoolPix. Small, light and take good pictures, pretty quickly. Sony has LOUSY battery life!

IMO, a lot of the choice is personal. . . .they all take pretty good pictures.

Hope this helps a bit!


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It's all about resolution. Get a camera that is at least 1 megapixel.

I've owned three cameras in the past two years, and my current one is a 2.1 megapixel unit from Kodak (280 DC). Expensive ($650) but killer quality.

I think I am probably looking at some bucks if I want a good camera.

Gary, what does the Olympus run?

Your right too, I dont know what the deal is with battery life in these things! My brothers only lasted 20 pictures or so on fresh batterys! I might as well be buying film.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

I've got an Olympus 840 that I got from Japan a few years ago. It's been replaced by the 860, which would be the best value for money camera. 1.3 m.pix and up to 1/1000th sec. shutter speed. Quality Lens!! (most important for photo quality)

I was recently looking at cameras for a friend who's going OS and that's the recommendation I'll be making to her too.

Happy Snapping


Ok. So the shutter speed is good, so I shouldnt have problems with action shots, but what about the delay when you snap the picture?

As I mentioned earlier, when you push the button on my bro's, it takes the picture 1/2 second later. Is this indicative of these cameras, or is this just his?


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

I have an EPSON 850Z and am pretty happy with it. It is 2.1M pixel and has full auto and manual modes (selectable aperture and shutter speed priorities) just like a "real" camera.

Here is a sample (reduced rez) pic from the Glen Helen National......


And a close up of the WR.....


This camera cost me about $650.00 and I think they have a new 3.1M pixel version available.

I think all of the digital cameras have the shutter lag, some are worse than others.

What I do to compensate for the shutter lag by clicking it a little ahead of where you actually want the pic and following the bike with the camera. It takes a little practice, but after awhile you can get used to it.

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I have a Nikon Coolpix 800 which I bought as an upgrade from an old Fuji DS7 - the Nikon is faster, sharper (2.11 MP), and much easier on batteries. It also has lots of parameters that you can program in like leaving the lcd screen off to conserve power, and instant white balance - plus optical and digital zoom. They make much higher end cameras now (Nikon), but most are bulkier (this one is about the size of an old instamatic), and much more expensive. If you look around at mail order places, this one can be had for around $400.00 last I looked.


Olympus runs from $300 to $700 depending on which D-4xx model you decide on. Check out this link, it should help you find something in your price range w/features you're interested in.,7267,1500116,00.html

or and select digital camera's.


'00 WR; YZ modified, DSP exhaust system & UNI air, Jetting by the firm of Clark, James & Bryan & a bunches of other fun stuff that was fun to buy. . .

I had a Sony Mavica FD91.. ABout $1300us.

Great camera.. but a little big for taking riding.. got some awsome shots with it.. shutter speed... appature.. everything was adjustable.. had a view finder and a large LCD.

Would make a great track camera.. but a crap riding camera as it is large.



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Just a few thoughts...

I was looking for a good dig. cam and ended up buying a digital camcorder instead for a few reasons.

1) I can take all the footage I want and use slow motion on my home pc to snap the exact frame that looks the best. (That way I don't kick myself for taking the picture even a tenth of a second late)

2) The camcorder is compatible with a helmet camera for recording rides from a different perspective.

3) I can make great movie clips from my footage to put on the web, etc.

I went with a JVC and I really enjoy using it. I have probably pulled a few thousand good pics from a measly few hours of riding.

Tim in Utah

Hmmmmm... Excellent idea Tim. Thanks. Ive been thinking about how cool it would be to have a helmet cam too. I could kill 2 birds with one stone that way.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

The only thing wrong about pulling a frame from a dig vid camera is you don't get the same quality as a digi camera and beacuse the media is interlaced you sort of get the product of abou 3 frames.

Other than that its great!

I have a fair bit of footage here from a digi vid camera.. lots of fun to mess with! :)



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

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