Why I'm the best damn rider in Moab...


...and the most computer illiterate on this forum!

One more try img

One more try ViewPhoto?u=1169891&a=8609683&p=27963470

Alright Chris I real intrested in seeing this picture so let us know when you finally get it posted.


Me too.

Chris, if your message dosent turn out the way you want it to, you can edit your message without posting new messages. Just helping! biggrininvasion.gif


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

<IMG SRC=http://www.utahmoto.com/utahmoto2/images/gutsy.jpg>


Just wondering though, where's your shadow :)

Hope you had your compression clickers turned up when you landed that 1000 foot drop :D

Looking forward to seeing you and Tim in October.


Dougie, '99 WR400 with a lot of dumb, stupid, here take my money, I have to have them but they don't make me a better rider extra mods.

(Except the dampner :D)

Chris, for some reason you cannot post pictures from Photopoint, I don't know why but I've tried many times and it just doesn't work.


The proceeding nonsense brought to you by MotoGreg

On two wheels (or 3) since 1970

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'99 WR/YZ400F 'Cause thumpers rule and two strokes drool!

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Thanks Greg, now I don't feel like a total incompetent.


You're not alone... I tried 1/2 dozen times to get a photo to show up in a post. Know I know why it wouldn't work - yep, you guessed it... Photopoint.com.

Greg - any recommendations on a free picture host site that will work?


Chris, Use www.photoloft.com


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Sorry guys, but Tim in Utah is the big air king!


That's huge air Tim. How was the landing? Amasa Back I presume?

I had it inspected by the FBI and they said NO WAY was it retouched.


Better luck next time Chris!


Bryan, you doubt me? I'm offended! yes that's me last spring and it's not amasa back it's the Kane Creek Canyon overlook on the way to Pritchett. Vertical drop of about 350 ft. Luckily there was water at the bottom! :)





Ron! No Way! Superman OVER TIM!



This is looking great! Pretty soon we'll have every member on Thumpertalk flying over the Kane Creek Gorge! Can't wait to see how everyone really rides in Moab next month, I'd hate to be let down...


Wow RON!!

How did you land that with no spokes in the front wheel?!?! :):D



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

Vist the Rubber Chicken Racing Online Shop

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It was not as easy as it looks. :)

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